Q. What is the difference between white wine and red wine glasses?
A. The White wine glasses are taller and the sides of the bowl are straighter. The Red Wine glasses are rounder with a larger opening that allows the wine to “breathe”. Personally, I drink my wine out of the glass I happen to grab, but I like the feel of the larger bowl of the red wine glass. But that is just me.

Q. Can you wash the painted glass in the dishwasher?
A. The paint I use was tested on the top shelf, through 40 cycles of a dishwasher with no chipping or peeling. I add a sealer over top of the paint which adds even more durability, the paint and sealer are then baked to cure the paint. If I want to remove the paint I have to use a razor blade, and that is before I seal it or bake it. I have found that it is more cost effective and easier for me to purchase another glass than it is for me to take the time to scrape the paint off.  I still recommend hand washing any stemware, but that is to prevent breakage.

Q. How do you clean the caddies?
A. You can just wipe the caddy with a damp cloth. I use a spray Lacquer to seal them.

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